Chantal Dupuis is a lover of the wilderness, and captures nature’s essence or the charming, soulful character of the subjects and animals she paints. Viewers are most interested in her art because they can recognize the familiar or be transported into the unknown. Everyone comes out with is a journey into a scene with movement, emotions and peace. 

As a signature member of the Artists for Conservation Foundation she donates a part of her sales of originals to wildlife rescue shelters. 


Artist Statement

It is difficult to look at my work objectively and write a statement. My art comes from my soul, I have a connection with each canvas or paper that I paint on, even the ones that end up in the recycling bin! The subjects I choose to paint are wildlife and nature. I choose those as I want to remember. Remember the looks, the attitude, the movement, the connection that I feel with each animal and each place I visit. I think it is also important to remember the endangered species and my body of work, as it keeps growing, has often been a great conversation starter and awareness discussion. 


I am a materials’ explorer, I mostly paint in oils but I also love watercolour, graphite and soft pastels. Each medium takes me to a different zone and teaches me something new, every day. I use a brand created in the UK by chemists who mine their own rocks and hand grind their pigments.  I love the historical nature of this as they often travel to extinct volcanoes and such and, to me, the vibrancy of the colours they create is as much a part of the process as the final product is.


My art discoveries started in 2015 because of a genetic cornea disorder (and later on a cornea transplant) but this was only a trigger, now I create because I need to create. I feel there is a requirement for me to document, track, sketch and mostly, absolutely, paint.

Image of Chantal sitting on the steps holding paint brushes